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Planning and Design by Benchmark ResourcesA well-conceived and implemented program of mine planning and design directly impacts daily and long-term mining operations. Properly designed and permitted mines best accommodate mine development changes that occur as mining progresses; changes in waste rock disposal requirements, water use, and other process-related factors can also be better accommodated with a minimum production impact. Complete, yet flexible mine and reclamation plans result in more efficient and productive operations with less need to re-enter the permitting process during the life of the mine.

Strategic planning is a fundamental aspect of our work. Our advance recognition of issues, constraints, and opportunities contributes to our client’s decision making on initial project feasibility, project expansion and redesign, efficiency modifications, and cost-effective closure and reclamation.

Benchmark Resources brings design permitting and procedural expertise into strategic plans for mine development to overcome difficult and often controversial approvals. Our advance planning has also been used by public agencies to plan for mineral resource conservation and to standardize and streamline mine permitting processes.

Our staff has long-term experience in mine planning, encompassing over 300 California mines producing aggregates, precious metals and industrial materials. Our experience in science and engineering issues is integrated with our knowledge of mining constraints and opportunities to produce designs that are both regulatory acceptable and operationally efficient.

  • Advance Planning and Issues Resolution
  • Project Definition
  • Site Selection and Development
  • Feasibility Studies, Mine Planning, and Design
  • Property Transfer Due Diligence
  • Reclamation Planning and Design
  • Interim Management Plans
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Hydrology Design
  • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Resource Management Plans
  • Financial Assurance Estimating
  • Mineral Title Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Erosion Control Planning
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