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Austin Quarry Project Final EIR Certified by Madera County

After a 6-year environmental review process and substantial refinements to the project during that time to address community and lead agency concerns, the Austin Quarry Project Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was certified and the project was approved by the Madera County (County) Board of Supervisors on October 12, 2016. At over 10,000 pages, this final EIR is one of the most extensive and detailed EIRs ever prepared for a mining project. Under contract to the County, Benchmark Resources led the environmental review process, which included initial application review; peer review of technical studies; public scoping and agency outreach; and analyses and mitigation development, documentation, and support to County staff during County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor hearings.

For more information about this project or the environmental review services offered by Benchmark Resources, please contact Bob Delp at (916) 983-3016 or

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