Benchmark Resources staff has assisted operators at over 300 mines in California with such services as mine use permit and reclamation plan permitting, design and operation, environmental analysis, as well as federal, state and local agency environmental regulation and compliance. As well as assisting public agencies at the federal, state, county, city and local levels fulfill their environmental documentation, processing, and compliance needs. Our relationships span over 60 agencies statewide. We work together with our clients during all phases of development and site operation, from exploration and feasibility to design, permitting, construction, operation, and closure. Our past and present projects span the entire range of California mines in both mineral commodity and mine size. Our staff is proud to have supported the production of aggregates, precious metals, clay, cinder, limestone, and a variety of other specialized industrial materials for over 25 years.



Mr. Brown has more than 30 years of experience as a mining expert specializing in CEQA, SMARA, and the acquisition of federal, state, and local agency land use permits and other entitlements. He has been involved in SMARA compliance since the 1980s and participated in the development and shaping of its regulations. Mr. Brown provides strategic oversight for Benchmark’s public agency and private industry clients. He has served as the principal, project manager, and primary author of scores of environmental documents in both urban and rural environments. His experience also includes public works and private development projects such as general industrial uses, solid waste landfills, transmission lines, county prisons, and commercial and residential developments. His long-term familiarity with all facets of environmental compliance and permitting provides Benchmark’s clients with wide-ranging insight that facilitates project success.

Mr. Brown earned a Bachelor of Science degree in geography from the University of California, Riverside, in 1980 and a Master of Science degree in geography, University of California, Riverside, in 1984.



Mr. Steubing has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney and Project Director, specializing in federal, state, and local environmental law and regulation. After starting his career at two of Sacramento’s prominent law firms, he joined forces with Mr. Brown to strengthen the firm’s environmental law and regulation compliance practice. Mr. Steubing has been responsible for managing the preparation of numerous environmental documents (e.g., EISs, EIRs) for large, complex, and controversial projects, including projects related to mining, oil pipelines, and industrial, commercial, and residential developments. Mr. Steubing currently directs the permitting and compliance efforts for technical documents, mine plans, and formulation of strategies for legal, environmental, and permitting success.

Mr. Steubing earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1990 and a Juris Doctor degree from Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vermont, in 1994.


HI_RES_FIN_MG_8643BOB DELP, Project Manager

Mr. Delp has nearly 20 years of experience conducting resources analyses, preparing environmental documents, and managing environmental planning and review processes. He prepares environmental documents for compliance with CEQA and NEPA for transportation, water resources, energy infrastructure, and industrial projects. Mr. Delp also manages and conducts transportation, land use, and recreation planning associated with environmental review. His focus at Benchmark is environmental analysis for new and expanded quarries. He has contributed to and managed some of the largest and most controversial mine proposals proposed in the Central Valley.

Mr. Delp earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics, with an emphasis on energy and environmental issues, from California State University, Chico, in 1992 and a certificate in land use and environmental planning from the University of California, Davis, in 2010.


LO_RES_FIN_MG_8989ANDREW HEINEMANN, Mine Engineer/Geologist

Mr. Heinemann is a California registered geologist and mining engineer who brings to Benchmark more than 18 years of experience in mine planning, engineering, and plant management, operations, and maintenance at mines producing construction aggregates, industrial minerals, and precious metals. He has managed both the development and implementation of mine plans at hard rock and alluvial sites. As a corporate-office consultant to national operations, his work included planning mine optimization and managing capital expenditure processes, mining contractors, and technical studies for complex quarry issues such as hydrological characterization and dewatering evaluations in Karst conditions. Mr. Heinemann’s focus at Benchmark includes mine inspections, assessment and planning of reclamation cost obligations, open pit mine design, geologic investigation, reserve assessment, development of block models to represent the reserve, and creation of schedules for mine planning, pit design, and mass movement.

Mr. Heinemann earned a Bachelor of Science in geology from the California State University, Sacramento, in 1995 and a Master of Engineering in mining engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2010.


LO_RES_FIN_MG_8705ANDREW WHITE, Project Manager

Mr. White has more than 10 years of managing and preparing application packages, mine and reclamation plans, and CEQA documents (e.g., initial studies, negative declarations, environmental impact reports, supporting technical studies). Given his law education background, legal defensibility and strategic forethought are embedded in the way he conducts environmental analyses; prepares project administrative records; and presents projects before decision makers. His focus at Benchmark is developing mine and reclamation plans and formulating strategies for legal, environmental, and permitting compliance for Benchmark’s public agency and industry clients.

Mr. White earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in law and society from University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2001 and a Juris Doctor degree from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, in 2004.


LO_RES_FIN_MG_8823CHRISTY SEIFERT, Environmental Analyst/Technical Editor

Ms. Seifert’s more than 16 years of experience as a professional editor brings consistency, readability, and accuracy to Benchmark’s work products. Ms. Seifert has served as a technical editor and an environmental analyst on complex, multidisciplinary projects requiring compliance with a wide variety of federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Her experience includes projects related to mining, wastewater treatment, flood control, groundwater contamination, schools, prisons, and residential development. She has prepared and/or edited CEQA, NEPA, and SMARA documents; SWPPPs; ROWDs; and city planning documents (e.g., general plans and design guidelines). This technical experience combined with her strong understanding of the English language help ensure Benchmark’s work products provide well-developed analyses with clear supporting evidence, which leads to public understanding, legal defensibility, and environmental compliance.

Ms. Seifert earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from California State University, Sacramento, in 1997 and a certificate in graphic design production from Sacramento City College in 2011.




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