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Project coordination by Benchmark ResourcesMining is an important contributor to the state and local economies. Not only is mineral use essential in our daily lives, the generation of employment and taxes from mining are essential to many communities.

The manner in which a project is organized and presented has a direct impact on its acceptability to agencies, decision-makers, and the public. Even the soundest science and engineering may not result in project approval in the absence of political considerations. Public education can be a key element that dramatically affects results. Presenting a project in a positive and straightforward manner, without sacrificing objectivity, is an important part of our formula for success.

Benchmark Resources has key experience in the management of technical and non-technical requirements for project success. We have a specialized understanding of technical disciplines essential to a comprehensive assessment of the issues. As a result, we are often in a position to offer specialized solutions to project design and permitting constraints, than a general environmental consulting firm. Our approach is to present technical, environmental and engineering considerations with due consideration to the non-technical factors that are important in the entitlement process. We strive at all times for the project goal while maintaining an unbiased and professional presentation. This approach has proved successful to our mining clients as we interface with industry, agencies, decision-makers, and the public.





  • Project Team Coordination
  • Public Relations
  • Internal Compliance Audits
  • Scoping Meetings
  • Educational Seminars
  • Hearings
  • Government & Industry Relations
  • Expert Testimony
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