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Benchmark Resources Lead Agency SMARAAnnually, the California Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) requires Lead Agencies to inspect and assure financial guarantee for each mining operation. Programs to fulfill the requirements of SMARA have been comprehensively planned by our firm to assure professional support to Lead Agencies in fulfilling their SMARA responsibilities, as well as operators in their reporting responsibilities.

Benchmark Resources actively supports agencies and industry in complying with SMARA and in processing applications. Our staff are recognized experts at preparing Reclamation Plans, Financial Assurance Estimates, Mine Operational Plans, Environmental Evaluations, and associated Technical Reports. We are contracted as extensions of Lead Agency staff to manage new applications from start to finish, including preparation of Initial Studies, EIRs, EAs, EISs, Reclamation Plans, staff reports, findings, and other procedural reports.

Operators overwhelmingly support Benchmark Resources’ lead agency services programs. Our statewide experience and industry understanding has enhanced credibility and solved disputes to the satisfaction of both lead agencies and operators. Our ability to bring solutions to this process is derived from our regulatory and agency understanding and our mining industry experience. Benchmark Resources’ financial assurance estimating and verification practices are unparalleled. We have vigorously systemized the SMARA compliance aspects of this process while recognizing the necessary flexibility inherent in a process of estimating construction costs and forecasting. Our approach of regulatory compliance, balanced by fairness and pragmatism, has resulted in financial assurances that are supported by the lead agency and operator alike as defensible in assuring completion of reclamation.

  • File Reviews and Inspection Preparations
  • Agency/Operator Meetings/Seminars
  • Annual Mine Inspections
  • Reclamation Plan Reviews and Preparations
  • Preparation of IS, ND, MND, EIR and EIS
  • Technical Report Preparation and Review
  • Financial Assurance Estimate Verifications and Preparations
  • SMARA Program Coordination and Document Organization
  • Data Management, Storage and Archiving Preparation
  • Mineral Resource Elements of General Plan
  • Staff CEQA/NEPA Services
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