Benchmark Resources ServicesBenchmark Resources brings technical expertise, regulatory procedural efficiency, and political acceptability to our client’s projects. Our approach is not only to achieve the immediate success desired but to also consider long-term goals that may or may not be currently specified. Our role in industry client operations spans from initial concept and feasibility evaluations through design, permitting, construction, operation and closure. We work with our agency clients in site permitting, environmental evaluation, operations monitoring and oversight, as well as resource management studies and regulation refinement.

Benchmark Resources’ strategic focus on selected resources and industries provides a high-level of experience, understanding, and efficiency. Our breadth and depth of mining experience means that we can offer solutions and options drawn from more sources than those to which our clients typically have access. At the same time, we recognize the limits of information use, and we adhere to strict confidentiality parameters that protect both the current project and the client’s proprietary business.

Services Benchmark Resources provides include:

"On behalf of the undersigned South Bay Producers of Santa Clara County, this is to thank you and your staff of Benchmark Resources for all of the assistance and professional guidance in the design and rendering of the presentation, information, brochure, the finished speaking schedule and for producing the final documents for the anticipated meeting of the South Bay Producers of Santa Clara County with the Governor of California."
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