About Benchmark ResourcesBenchmark Resources is committed to long-term relationships with our clients that result from a history of successes in resolving issues and obtaining permits and approvals. Land use, mineral development, and environmental conservation are increasingly complicated; we work as a strategic partner together with our agency and industry clients to solve technical regulatory and political issues.

Types of client projects the staff of Benchmark Resources have completed include:

  • Residential (tentative tract, specific plan and master plan communities)
  • Commercial (office, hotel, specialized and multiple-use retail)
  • Recreation (golf course, parks, water sports, and ski resorts)
  • Industrial (mineral processing, pipelines, power lines, roadways, railroads, solid waste landfills, light and heavy urban industrial sites and communications facilities)


Public agencies are responsible for both ensuring the conservation of environmental resources and enforcing regulations applicable to natural resource development. Many public agencies have direct involvement in permitting and developing their own projects (such as road construction, aggregate supply and public facilities) which require permitting and environmental compliance processes similar to private projects.

Public agency services for permit processing and achieving compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and local mining ordinances are a specialty of Benchmark Resources. We provide staff services for annual mine inspections, financial assurance verification, mine and reclamation plan review, and all forms of environmental documentation. Our services benefits both the common interests of the agencies we serve and the demand for minerals and construction aggregates.

The staff of Benchmark Resources has been assisting public agencies at the federal, state, county, city and local levels fulfill their documentation and processing needs for over 20 years. Our relationships span over 60 agencies statewide. We thoroughly understand the objectives of public agency staff and decision-makers and it is our role to assist them. We pride ourselves in providing public agency confidence during the permitting process through the consistency and reliability of our work.


California is the third largest producer of non-fuel minerals in the United States and the leading state for many types of minerals; nearly $3 billion in minerals are produced annually. Construction materials alone, including stone, sand and gravel, and cement, account for nearly 50 percent of California’s total production. This production takes place against a regulatory background considered to be one of the most demanding worldwide.

Modern mining practices incorporate regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship into the planning, development and operation of mines. Mine planning considers not only environmental constraints, but assures mine reclamation success by incorporating steps such as soil and plant salvage at the outset. Benchmark Resources’ consistent attention to changing regulatory requirements and our monitoring of mining and reclamation reduces overall costs that otherwise burden operation and closure.

Benchmark Resources staff are specialists in mine permitting, design and operation, as well as federal, state and local agency regulation. We work together with our clients during all phases of mineral development, from exploration and feasibility to design, permitting, construction, operation, and closure. Our past and present projects span the entire range of California mines in both mineral commodity and mine size. We are proud to have supported the production of aggregates, precious metals, clay, cinder, limestone, and a variety of other specialized industrial materials at over 300 California mines.



  • We strive to incorporate our client's perspective into our solutions.
  • We provide project coordination and management specific to our client's needs, not ours.
  • We offer the technical expertise, insight from experience, and commitment necessary to insure project success.
  • We work to develop client self-sufficiency in as many areas as possible. Our goal is to become a strategic and valued resource.
"As a former member of the California State Mining and Geology Board, I have seen literally hundreds of inspection reports and FAE calculations, and the ones submitted by Benchmark Resources are the best. Thanks again for making my job much easier."
Benjamin J. Licari //
Director of Geology & Exploration
Benchmark Resources

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